3D graph visualization

After I’ve started playing arround with the JME, there actually was something useful to do with it: visualizing complex UML models in the three-dimensional space. When I say complex, I’m talking about roughly 250 packages (making the vertices) and about 1500 edges (depencies and containment relationships between the packages). So there is quite some data to visualize.
Unfortunately the model I used for testing (and which is the main use-case) is confidential, so I’m not allowed to post screenshots or a demo of it. But as I wanted to show this thing I had to come up with another data source. And here it comes, the WikiCircle. After some minor modifications, a script transforming the YAML dump into some neat XML format and an importer to read that XML file I got some neat graph working.
One can highlight a specific vertex and it’s edges accordingly. As the graph shown here is always considered to be directed, one can highlight the from and to edges. As the program was initially intended to visualize pretty complex models, it is capable of showing the containment hierarchy using the Y axis (the lower the depper in the containment graph). For the wikipedia data, the rule is: the lower, the more irrelevant.
Maybe some other day I’ll post an interactive demo of this (especially once it is really interactive, like browse Wikipedia in 3D space). Until that there are only screenshots:

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