Live coding in Ruby

After I’ve been to the 25C3 and listened to quite a lot of electronic music there, I wanted to do something with visualization again. And while looking for a cool 3D engine for C++ (like Irrlicht), I stumbled uppon fluxus. But Scheme is really not my programming language (at least not yet :) ), so I wrote something similiar in Java using JOGL and JRuby.

Tonight I got the first visualization running on live data being broadcasted by my iTunes using OSC. Some source code and more teasers will follow. Meanwhile, have a look at the screenshot:

Btw. just to have that meantioned here, JRuby is extremely fast (at least the way I’m using it). The guys who wrote that awesome library did a wonderfull job. The next steps will be most likely add some more features (e.g. make the OSC stuff easier) and start playing arround with the SuperColider.

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