The TI92+ just became better

After having uLISP in a sort of working state (despite the quite enormous memory leakage problem), I started to port uLISP to the TI92+ calculater (having it become tiLISP in the process). The code is in the TI92+ branch of the uLISP SVN (remember, username and password is: guest).
Below is a screenshot just showing it running (I know, not that spectacular ;-) )
tiLISP screenshot

Be aware that this code is pretty much unstable (I had to reset my TI about 10 times today), but it’s a nice prove of concept anyway.

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  1. Daniel Leese says:

    Really nice!
    Just another step on the long road to the strong AI ;-)
    Jokes aside, this might actually prove useful as the 92 features a qwerty keyboard, unlike my 89 :-(

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