WebKit and CSS: .world { crazy: 100% }

Today I stumbled upon the latest WebKit nightly build which has the CSS 3D transformations implemented. That is some cool technology. Eye at its best.
After having a look at the truely awesome demos; I hacked together a simplified model of the walking robot we’re currently building. Just be reminded that what you can see on the screenshots below is just HTML, CSS and JavaScript – nothing more. Thinking about what kind of a hazzle it was to get some sort of 3D in the Web using VRML and the Web3D stuff. Of course CSS can’t compete with VRML (yet), but for simple stuff? We’re getting close.
I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long until we see some 3D JavaScript libraries emerging. Something like OpenGL-JS would be cool, based on CSS. Not that this was something completely new, but all based on a W3C standard? There are beautiful times ahead – at least when it comes to eye-candy.

3 Responses to “WebKit and CSS: .world { crazy: 100% }”

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Joseph Huckaby says:

    Is your model animated? Wondering how the frame rate is with a 3D model like that?

  3. Christian says:

    Actually it is. I’m running a 2ghz MacBook (Core 2 duo) with the Intel 950 graphics card and it ran fluently.

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