The Hexapod’s comming to life

As the previous post indicated I’m currently building a hexpod (together with two co-students of mine). Now as the hardware is pretty much finished (except for the power-setup and some cable stuff) I wanted to share some pictures of it. All in all it came out pretty neat. I’m sorry for the bad quality … as I did not have a camera at hand I used my mobile phone to take the pictures.

2 Responses to “The Hexapod’s comming to life”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m curious, how were you able to secure the servo horn to the legs and the chassis (and keep the servo from just spinning in place)?

  2. Christian says:

    the legs are just glued (with a special plastic glue) to some sort of servo plugs which are fixed at the rod using screws. Same with the servo to body mount.

    Actually that’s not very stable. For this one being a prototype it’s ok, but the real version (if there ever will be one) will have CNC’ed legs, thus better servo mounts.

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