Raytracing: second shot

Alright, this is propably the last shot I’m taking on raytracing. I implemented some pretty neat features. First of all: reflection:

The left picture shows the image without reflection, the right one with reflection enabled. Actually reflection is pretty easy to implement. All we need to do is recursivly trace the reflected rays.

The second feature is also pretty neat: anti-aliasing. Actually that also is not too difficiult to implement. I implemented the most simple way of doing anti-aliasing which is supersampling. The following picture shows the difference between un-aliased and aliased rendering:

To get a better impression on what anti-aliasing does, the following three pictures show the same image with no antialising, 2 times, 4 times and 16 times anti-aliasing:

Of course the changes are in the SVN. The username, as well as the password, is guest

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  1. Bernhard says:

    Interestingly the effect of even a two times anti aliasing is very strong.

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