Unix Friends and User Group Campus Camp 2010

The UnFUCK2010 just went over. UnFUCK is a three day event organized by students of the Hochschule Furtwangen University (incl. myself) which features a lot of talks on quite a variety of topics. This year – which was the second time UnFUCK took place – we had talks starting from the power of prime numbers to fiddling with the ARM Cortex-M3. The timeline gives some more information about what was going on.
All in all it was a weekend definitely well spent, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring people and to hear about new and cool ideas. Videos of this conference should be available at the UnFUCK wiki within the next days (unfortunately everything in German).
On Sunday I had the opportunity to hold my Informatik Rockstars (that’s no typo here, it’s German :-P) talk again. It basically presents people who have delivered extraordinary participation to computer science (with a slight bias towards theoretical computer science) as a trading card game. As I’ve been asked a couple of times now to publish those cards I do so (unfortunately they’re also in German). They are in no particular order, far away from being complete and should be considered to be work in progress. Download link and license are at the end of this post.
You can also download the whole set here.
Creative Commons License
Informatik Rockstars Trading Cards by Christian Weichel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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  1. Bernhard says:

    Da würden mir schon noch ein paar Namen einfallen:

    z.B. John Bosak http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/sun-info/standards/xml/why/xmlapps.htm – ohne ihn wäre XML nicht geworden

    Charles Goldfarb – der Vater von SGML ohne das wir XML nicht hätten

    Bertrand Meyer – dessen Buch “Object-Oriented Software Construction” eine der besten Einführungen in objektorientierung war. Er hat “Design by contract” eingeführt.

    Nicht zu vergessen die “Gang of Four” …

    Die Leistung von Bill Gates ist eigentlich “Coputer for everyone”.

    Was machen wir mit Steve Jobs – er hatte die Vision des Computers als Alltagsgerät.

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