Use Mylyn to build your commit log

Every heard of Mylyn? The absolutely awesome task focusing feature for Eclipse. With Eclipse Ganymede it became a part of the release train. To me, the two most interessting features are:

  1. the bug tracking system connectors (e.g. to Bugzilla). It’s just so awesome having the bugs/feature-requests you’re currently working on right in your Eclipse.
  2. the ability to create local tasks

These days I started using both to remember what I changed in my code since the last commit. But as I’m not (or at least not most of the time) using the Mylyn context, I don’t get to use the commit log integration. Just to have a workaround for this I wrote a small plugin. This plugin just runs thru all the tasks available and shows them in a text box (

Task Summary View

And just to have that mentioned, there something I don’t like about the plugins implementation. I had to use internal API of Mylyn to access the tasks. If someone knows a better way to implement this just write a comment.
There are a few more things I’d love to implement some time:

  • Use the JFace templates to have some neat summary template
  • The template should be editable in the preferences (include field assist)
  • Be able to filter the summary for more than just one category
  • Oh, and don’t rely on internal API

To get your hands on this stuff download the binary/source here (unfortunately WordPress messes up the filename), or the project’s source files here.

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