State machine compiler

As mentioned in one my previous posts, next semester I’m going to participate in a project where we’re supposed to build a new interface to existing roboting hardware. To describe the protocol that is spoken between the computer and that hardware interface, I wanted to use some sort of DFA. I also wanted avoid having to implement that DFA in the different programming languages involved in the project. Especially since such implementations tend to diverge over time.
So I sat down and wrote something I call the state machine compiler. It allows the specification of a so called predicate deterministic finite automaton. Such a PDFA can be compiled to C or Java code – or to whichever language one writes a backend for. I won’t go into detail here, as I’ve written a manual which explains everything in detail.
You can grab the source code from subversion (username: guest, password: guest). As usual it’s published under CC-BY-SA. Be aware that this is considered work in progress, so the generated code may still be far from being optimal.

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