Soap Bubble Bot

During my studies at the HFU, I have to participate in at least two semester projects. This time we built a new USB interface for some pretty old hardware. That old hardware is a robot arm built in 80′s (there is “Made in West Germany” written on it). I’ve blogged about it before.
Today we got to present our work. But how do you show something as abstract as interface hardware/software? So we came up with that demo which we consider pretty neat: we taught the robot arm to make soap bubbles. Well, we used a bunch of ruby scripts to grad the events generated by a gamepad (HID device) and interpreted them, so that one can control the arm. We also taped something (I’d call a soap bubble device) at the front of robot. Add some of the soap fluid and we could’ve made soap bubbles manually. But that’s too easy. So we added a sequence of positions (one of the firmware’s features) and used that to do the work. Video’s after the break.

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  1. Marco says:

    Hehehe really nice!! Was Du immer so für Sachen baust :-P
    Viele Grüße aus Tokyo!

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