The Hexapod’s comming to life

As the previous post indicated I’m currently building a hexpod (together with two co-students of mine). Now as the hardware is pretty much finished (except for the power-setup and some cable stuff) I wanted to share some pictures of it. All in all it came out pretty neat. I’m sorry for the bad quality … as I did not have a camera at hand I used my mobile phone to take the pictures.


Yeah, three posts on one day: cool, huh :-)

Mostly this is just a sum up off the stuff I’ve done lately when I was not learning for my exams or have been to the Speicher. This time it’s propably the most useless peace of software that has ever been written on this planet (but still fun though). It’s filesystem using FUSE which allows you to mount the 512 bytes (yes, that half a kilobyte) of the ATmega168 of an Arduino in read-only.

That said, enjoy the code … play arround with it, or just shake your head and close this tab ;-)

DownloadGrab the code here

Arduino based object tracking

This is a little weekend project I made some time ago. It basically tries to identify the closest object (using a scan from 0 to 180 degrees) and tries to follow it afterwards. If the LED is green, the device is currently homing on some object, once it’s red it has lost its tracking. A blue LED means the device is doing a full scan.

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