These days I’m building a simple home automation system – turning lights and appliances on/off. Not only do I want to be able to switch appliances on and off, but I want the system to do it for me. Hence, some context inference is in order. The centerpiece of this effort is a bus system that would be used to transmit sensor information, infered high-level context and actuator commands. As it so happens, that bus system was a good opportunity to learn Node.JS.
The outcome of this effort are a few lines of JavaScript which I’ve come to call busfahrn (colloquial German for taking a bus ride). It’s basically a wrapper around EventEmitter, but with a ton of different IO support. Its main features are
  • A lot of IO modules to pass along messages. Out of the box support exists for HTTP(S), Redis, serial ports and the console.
  • A notion of message/state inference using redis and simple rules formulated in JavaScript
  • Clean and simple code, easy to extend and modify
  • Written entirely in Node.JS
If you want to give it a spin or read more, please checkout Github.
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